Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hostas And Petunias...

 Here's the hosta by the house and the big blue hosta by the tulip poplar tree. I split the blue hosta last year and it made four nice plants. I love that the leaf is so big on it.
 Once they get bigger, I'll split them again. Maybe in two years. You get more plants for your money.:):)
Here's the hydrangea that I transplanted to this new flowerbed. Not one bud of any kind, hmmm. The petunias are really doing well. What a sweet plant it is. I just pick the dead ones off every day or so. I am still not finished with this bed....I have to put the edging blocks in the ground a bit. Honestly any edging bricks, blocks or rocks to keep Mr. Weed Whacker out, know what I mean ? I have Yelled at Ted when he gets too close to the trees and plants. LOL   Today we are to have rain, then the next 4 days are suppose to really be nice.I am sure hoping. Have some fun today. xo


  1. Maybe it will take that hydrangea another year before it decides to blossom. Not sure. I know that I can always count on petunias and hostas. They're a major part of my flowerbeds. :-)

  2. Hostas do really well in shade. We don't have much shade around here - almost non-stop sun.:-) The hydrangea may need to "recover" from the move before it gets back to normal.

    xo Nellie

  3. Your hostas are gorgeous. They are one of my favorite summer plants- xo Diana

  4. Wish I could figure out what is eating my hostas. Yours look beautiful. xo Laura

    1. I know that slugs love hostas..might want to try some salt or slug bait around.xo,Susie

  5. Susie I love Hostas. Been so hot here that a few of mine have a bit of leaf damage. Thank goodness we have had a bit of rain lately. Hope to divide mine next year. I bought a Van. Str. Hydrangea last year. It had lots of blooms. Nothing this year. What's up with that?