Sunday, July 21, 2013

Across From The Library....

 Here is another post on the sweet house, that I have become curious about.. This is a nice home. I have not seen anyone outside to speak to about closer photos.
 I remember posting about the turquoise accent color, and many of you said you like that color.As you can see there is a frame hanging on the screendoor of that color. The house numbers have it also.
 I went around to the side street to take another photo, hoping there would be someone out in the yard.
 This is part of the view of the library landscaping, visible from the house front. They have no ugly views, unless at Pork Festival time.....where there are crowds and tents in the street, at their corner.
I would love to see the inside of this house. :):)  I have really loved looking around the outside. I hope if they see me out taking pictures, that they are flattered.  I really mean it as a compliment to their sense of decor.
 Today is cooler after our rain yesterday. Yesterday,Ted called me from the Farmer's Market and asked if it was raining at home , yet. I told him to start packing up and warn the had just started to rain and I could see a mile away that it was heavy. Ted came home shortly and said everyone started packing up their wares and didn't get wet. The tent canapy was wet , but it dried in the garage in no time. So that was a close call. Some of the venders at the market have things made of cloth, wood and they do not want to get wet. Hope all of you have a nice day today, hug somebody if you are able. We all could use a nice hug. xoxo


  1. I have been catching up, looks like you have had some really steamy weather, I love the black eyed susan flowers, all the flowers are beautiful, I was just thinking what a mess it would be if the soap got wet at the market, it might be ruined! This is a lovely house, some people just seem to have the knack don'tt they!Take care my friend,

  2. it looks like it should be all shabby chic inside with a cute small kitchen. my imagination is vivid! ha ha

    smiles, bee

    ps: i'll hug the duck!

  3. There are 2 homes similar to this one you post today in our town. I would love to know if they are just as sweet on the interior!

    Glad the vendors had time to get their wares put up and safe from the rain.

  4. I hope that you meet the owner soon so we can see inside!

  5. It is a truly lovely home, why don't you knock on the door and ask if you could do a "piece" for your blog... They might be flattered, the worst that could happen is a "no"?... right? And then... well you'll just have to day dream about all inside! But now I'm intrigued as well, so go on... knock on the door :)

  6. Yeah, you got me curious too! Around here where I live, we know our neighbors for sure and we might be friends even. Why don't you take some cookies and get it over with. Maybe it's just an old lady who lives alone...or an old man! It'll be fun to know, lol.. Big hugs,

  7. What a neat looking house! The owners definitely take pride in having an attractive place! xo Nellie

  8. I think we saw that house when we came down from the market. I remember the stars and the white picket fence. It is a cute one. A lot of people down your way have the stars on their homes. I know that has some meaning I just do not remember what? Your town is so cute. We drove around and looked at all the cute houses after the french market. It is like Mayberry down there. Adorable town.

  9. Love this house. I wonder is she blogs??? If you ever see her out and about, you might ask her about that. I am sure she would have photos of the inside. I love it when someone saves an old place.
    Glad Ted got packed up before the downpour. Isn't it amazing hour it can take an hour to set up but only ten minutes to tear down and leave? LOL- glad you got some rain, too. We are going to heat up, but not as bad for a couple of days and then another cold front is coming. It looks like spring weather for the rest of the week then!
    I hugged every body in the last couple of days!

  10. That is just the cutest little house, Susie. You have become a House Stalker! lol I hope you find the people outside one of these days. Hope the rain cools things off a bit! xo Diana

  11. Nice house. I would love to see the inside of it too! I used to go to realtor open houses with my Shug, before we started building, just to get house ideas.

    Cindy Bee

  12. That does look like a cute place! And yes, they should take it as a compliment that you're taking photos. Let's hope so. :-)

  13. It is very cute. I hope you meet the people that live there and get to see more of it. I love libraries. I would love to travel the country taking photos of libraries! Hugs!