Friday, July 19, 2013

Pictures From This Saturday...

 This little chalkboard tag, was the make and take at Horton's.  Free !! Th lady said Micheals has these tags that are like a chalkboard. We used embossing for the tower, the word Paris, and the swirl. Then rubbed white ink along the edges to appear to be chalk on the board. Added a pink ribbon and it was done and yours. My sister really liked the embossing so much, she wants to get some materials to do it at home.
 Here are the two mimes. These girls are really good at this . They were at the flea market last year also.
 A very pretty display of cream and aqua. Makes me like this color more and more.  Love the clock.
One corner at Horton's is an old stove, sink  and plenty of kitchen things. I like the paper at the back of these shelves. It helps to makes the colorful things pop.I wish I could do my kitchen china cabinet over to look like this.Not sure if I want to start a project like that till Ted goes on one of his golf trips.LOL
 Hope all of you have a beautiful day. xoxo


  1. I know that Miss Emma will have her eyes set on your adorable tag for her bedroom!
    Happy weekend, Susie!

  2. you know that's one creative person doing all that at hortons! i could spend a vacation there looking at stuff! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  3. How adorable is that Paris tag? I would love to do something like that.

  4. Looks like you had so much fun, and the tag is so sweet. xo Laura

  5. Oh Susie, I love the chalkboard tags. I go to Michaels all the time, and will have to check them out. There are some bins that I browse through all the time when I'm there. Horton's sounds like a delightful place to shop.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Love the chalkboard tags! I love that aqua too, like you I am liking tha color more and more. It goes with so many colors!

  7. I am trying to add touches of aqua to my dining room. I love it!

    I also like the back of the shelves lined. That adds a lot.

    Hope you'll enjoy the weekend.

  8. Oh- What fun, Susie! I love your little chalkboard and those mimes are adorable. That always fascinates me to watch them perform- xo Diana

  9. I made a chalkboard gift tag too. I'm using mine as a bookmark. I used the fleur de lis stamp though. Not sure I spelled that correctly. I didn't see the mimes. I wonder if they were there on Friday. I saw them two years ago. They are cute.

    Cindy Bee