Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today Is Bliss....

 Today the temperature is to be a high of 76 degrees. Low humidity. Oh my favorite kind of weather.I would love for the rest of summer to be like this. This picture of the corn fields and woods , has the sun shining on them. Makes the trees look fall like. The corn tassels are golden.
 The hot humid weather we've had before today, is loved by the black eyed susans. The honeysuckle is doing well also, climbing over the pergola at the entrance to the garage. Hummingbirds like this.
 Thank you to all who have been concerned about my health. My dr. said I had a sinus infection, she prescribed an was wrecking havoc on my intestines. So I called her  and she called in a new has more side effects, and so far I have only had two does. If I get through this, I am never taking another ATB ever. If I have a choice. My throat is still sore and I have gargled with salt water. I bought some Chloraseptic throat spray. Oh talk about nasty, what a taste. But it has helped.
   Today , we are taking Savannah to aunt Lizzy's. Liz is watching her the rest of the week for Karen. I have loved having Savannah here,  though it wasn't lots of fun for her. I'll make it up to her, when I am well. She did go swimming with aunt Angie yesterday and  enjoyed every minute. Angie took her home after swimming and Mark cooked out for them. When that little mermaid got home she was exhausted and ready to watch some of her favorite TV shows. She slept well too.  I am sitting on the porch today, if I can stay off the pot. :):) Have fun today . xoxo


  1. i don't know what an atb is, i googled it and it's some band or something, don't think that's right. anyhow an allergy doc told sarge once that ocean swimmers never get sinus problems because of the salt water and if he would use saline spray once a day he would never have another sinus infection and for the rest of his life he never did. more than 10 years i know. i use it too.

    be well my friend.

    hugs, bee

  2. I am so sorry you have had such a time with this sinus infection, Susie. It can't be a lot of fun, I know.:-(

    Your weather sounds ideal! I'd love it, too!

    Our grandchildren think there time is great if they have been in the pool! Good for Savannah!

    Take care of yourself!


  3. beautiful photos, the Chloraseptic spray tastes as bad as the oregano oil but oregano oil is all natural, it truly helps,

  4. Hope you feel better susie. Enjoy the nice weather.

  5. I hope you're feeling better soon too! Those prescriptions can sometimes do more harm than good - but not always, of course. Love the photos of flowers. It's beautiful here today too, 65 degrees and sunny - but it's feeling a little too much like fall - and we've just really begun to get summer!

  6. Glad your day is starting out well. The weather is cool here at the moment and I have windows open.
    When I was sick a couple weeks ago, I had major problems with the meds they put me on. Makes you really wonder about them. I said the same more ATB's for me.

  7. I hope you are soon feeling much better. Your plants are looking very good.

  8. I hope the meds work and the side effects let up. I'm glad you had Savannah and sorry she didn't have as much fun as usual. Oh-well- she will next time. Have a good night, Susie- xo Diana

  9. I'm sorry you're not well... But please do send that weather to Texas!
    Tammy x