Monday, February 10, 2014

Just Around The Corner....

 This is just to cheer us all up . I am so ready for sights like this. Spring flowering trees.
 My mother wanted every flowering tree she saw. Bless her. She did have a few in her yard.
Of course she loved going to the park and admiring all that are out there. I also love seeing them line a walkway or drive. I had a dogwood out here and it lived two years. I really need to get a new one for this Spring. Ted and I have planted a lot of tree out here. I prefer dwarf trees or evergreens. It seems all our grown trees are what I call trash trees. 
  We have a hickory that drops nuts and hulls. A catalpa that drops pods. Two tulip poplars that drop faded blooms. One maple and you know they have the whirly-gigs. Four pines that drop needles and cones. One willow, always dropping whispy twigs. These all were here when we moved to this house.
  Ted and I have planted four Japanese maples, three firs, one flowering crabapple, one weeping cherry, one clump river birch.  One red bud.We have planted two plum bushes.  Plus the dogwood that didn't make it. We also planted trees in town.
  Do any of you have a favorite tree? Are you planning to plant any new trees this year? xo


  1. I once had a weeping cherry at one of our houses that I just loved. We planted an evergreen deodora here mainly for privacy from the neighbor.
    It is nice to see your pretty pics this a.m.

  2. You'll enjoy this Spring seeing your new trees grow and flourish. I would like a palm tree in my front yard! lol Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs!

  3. The spring photos are so pretty Susie.
    My favorite tree right now would be any one that has green leaves on it. :-)

  4. Happy Monday, Susie! I'd love to have a Japanese maple! They are beautiful! The Tulip Poplar is the Tennessee state tree. Dogwoods are popular around here, too. Spring will be here before too long. I just hope it waits until all the cold weather is gone. I don't like the late cold snaps that turn the blooms brown and kill the ones on the fruit trees and bushes. xo Nellie

  5. I think after this winter I will love anything I see blooming. xo Laura

  6. A favorite of mine is an ornamental crab apple.
    You are going to have a beautiful yard with all of those trees!

  7. Such a welcome sight !
    I'm ready for spring and all the colors, too much grey and white this winter ;)

  8. How awesome to see all these beautiful warm weather photos! Such pretty trees! We have a some straggling trees that were here too, when we bought our house...but my favorite tree is our flowering crab! 😊


  9. We have some "dirty" trees, too, Susie...but the truth is I like just about any kind of tree. I really love them all but I love the structural look to maples. I also love the small weepers. Blessings- hope you have a good week- xo Diana

  10. Oh gosh I don't think I have a favorite. I never realized that until now. I love them all. Even the dirty ones. That's their way of reproducing my dear. I even love viburnum (snowball bush) and how they drop all of their white blossoms. Doesn't bother me at all! We plan a lot of trees every year on our property and I do enjoy all of the flowering ones. I don't think any of us think Spring can come too early this year.

    Cindy Bee

    PS - You should come to the Winter Woolen Workshop next weekend, the 22nd & 23rd. I think you would enjoy it. Your crafty daughter would too.

  11. Spring is my very favorite time of year! Those trees are so pretty! Hoping you have warmer days and lots of sunshine!!