Friday, November 22, 2013

In Memory....

 This is the eternal flame On President Kennedy's grave site. There are three graves there.  The president, Jackie's and the child they lost in a miscarriage, just a few months before the death of JFK.
 My photos are not that clear, sorry.  They are very plain markers. Nothing fancy about them.
They sit upon a bit of a hill , at Arlington National Cemetery .  I remember being home when I heard the news of the shooting in Dallas. I called my mom, I felt sick. I often have thought of how things may have been different , if only. Blessings too all of you for a nice weekend. xo


  1. This was a very sad time for our country.
    I send wishes for a good week-end to you, Susie. xo Nellie

  2. I have read that there are two of their children buried there, a boy, Patrick and a girl, Arabella...makes it even sadder.
    Take care, Susie, hope you have a blessed thanksgiving.

    1. Sorry Kay, after I made this post, I did remember the daughter...I remembered being shocked to learn they had lost the daughter too.xo,susie

  3. Susie- I visited that grave site many years ago before Jackie was buried there with him. I don't know what I was expecting but I was surprised at how humble of a gravesite he had. I can remember the day like yesterday, too. I was in History class and the busses came to pick us up and take us home-an hour bus ride for me each way. It was the beginning of big changes in our country-a loss of our innocence in many ways- xo Diana

  4. We might have been better or we might have been worse. We will never know. And not just losing him, but his brother so soon after. Not a good time for our nation.

  5. Susie, just read Diana's comment again. It's almost identical to what I would write. History class, hour-long bus ride, etc. And I too often wonder what it would have been like here if only.

  6. I clearly remember that day. Very sad time for us all.

  7. if only. Hopes were so high for this man of peace and service to country, I'd like to think he could have gone on to accomplish many great things. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't remember where they were. so sad.

  8. Oh Susie, what a tragic day this was.

    I hope you have a peaceful weekend doing all the things you like to do.


  9. Hi Susie. Yes I too remember that day, when the news came over the loud speaker, I was a sophmore in high school, I was sitting in Art class...what a shock, school was cancelled for the day. In 1966 our Senior class went to DC and we saw the eternal flame and gravesite of Kennedy and the guards standing guard over his grave. Are they still there???

  10. Things might have been so different, but we'll never know. I also have a photo of Arlington National Cemetery on my blog today too. Still sad even fifty years later.

  11. Sixth grade. Just in from lunch recess. My teacher fell apart. We went down on our knees to pray.

    "Ask not what your country can do for you..."

    not the words of our country today.
    So sad, my friend.
    It was also my dad's 34th birthday.
    He turned 84 today.
    For this, I am blessed.

  12. Since I was 3 I don't remember, and I think I am glad I don't.

  13. The whole week after it happened stands sharper in my memory than any except that of 9/11. It was that kind of thing. A whole nation somber, wondering what would happen next. What next bad thing would we wake up to hear on the news? It was a quiet Thanksgiving as we waited. And the memory of his widow dressed in black standing still, the two children at her side. It was heartbreaking.