Sunday, November 17, 2013

Odds & Ends....

 This is the sky this morning here in central Indiana. It's clearing a bit, which the weatherman says is just going to fuel to the storm system coming in. I dread the thought of storms. For one thing, on Friday we had a power glitch . On our way into town we saw why, a power pole had been pushed into a leaning position at the corner. The power and light company has brought a truck in and it is sitting in the ditch with some bands holding the pole up. Now I ask you, if we are to have high winds up to 60 mph.....will that hold? I think they did that , rather pay overtime for the men to fix it. How sad.
 Ted spotted this hornet's nest in the woods and he tried to get a picture of it. The bottom's out of it, so it's dead. Thank goodness. It was up too high for Ted to bring it down.
This is an old photo for Lavender Dreams' Diane... she said she loved Matt Fox and Sherri Hiller. That's me in the middle.  They were at the Indianapolis Home Show one year and I asked for a photo. I miss their old show "Room By Room". They sure had the right connection when working together. They were like brother and sister, only less squabbling. :):) Hope you are all safe and stay that way. xo


  1. loved that show! sorry it went away!

    smiles, bee

  2. HGTV turned into the real estate network!
    I miss all of the wonderful decorating shows. It all went away at the same time as "Style by Elsa Klensch" on CNN!
    I here tell of rough weather your way!
    Wishes for safe and warm!

  3. Storms are heading my way. I'm staying cozy most of today. Lots of blog stuff to catch up on. Have a great Sunday!

  4. We're getting storms here in Ohio, too! Stay safe and dry! :)

  5. I think the storms will hit you first. Stay safe. I know we in Ohio are in for the day of possible serious storms.
    I loved that show along with others at the same time. Wish they would bring them back. I used to love the Mary emmerling ones. Stay safe.

  6. Susie...oh my that Diane?? How wonderful! She is just the sweetest, dearest person..everyone loves her to pieces!! Thanks for posting this photo!
    I remember room by room and I loved it. I don't remember why I stopped watching it...maybe because it disappeared.
    A storm was over us all day clouds..still...and the day before that. Then this morning it was all bright and sunny. I wonder if the storm went to see you...and..we did not get one drop of rain..or wind. Nothing :( A little would have been nice!
    I have never seen a wasp nest that big.

    What a HUGE thing. They try to make nests under out patio cover but as soon as we see one forming..we knock it down.

  7. It's just past 2 here by me in Illinois, Susie, and the storms went south of us and are in Indiana now. I hope it has missed you. Please post when you can.


  8. Hope you are safe from the storms. That hornets nest is amazing!
    Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit.
    Mary Alice

  9. WOW! I'm so glad you posted a photo of you with Matt and Sheri! How neat is that! I was so surprised when you said you had met them. It seems like we are always talking about something that we both like...sometimes at the same time! We are like sisters...oh, without all the squabbling! hahaha! That's a huge hornet's nest. I hate hornets! And I hate storms, too and hope you were safe today from any bad weather! Sweet hugs!

  10. Cute photo susie! Love your long hair! I really hope that the storms did not hit your house. It looks horrible

  11. Love your old photo! I glad the hornets nest was out of Ted's reach...those nests are so dangerous!

    Sure hope the bad weather misses you!


  12. I would not have wanted that hornet's nest either although I bet some blogger could do something with it that would wow us!

    Hope you electricity holds up for you!

  13. I love the chill weather, but it is difficult to get up early in morning.
    The nest looks so huge. I have not seen such a nest before.