Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Already????

Gee, it sure came fast. Yesterday, I ended up at my daughter Angie's. We talked of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then we went to lunch and a bit of grocery shopping. Her husband watched some sports and napped.
 I didn't make it to lunch with my sister, we rescheduled for a day this coming week.  Liz did send info about Emma's school concert.....then said it could last all day. That's hard on the children and more so on me.  So I will wait for the Christmas program at her own school.
  Enjoy today. Hug someone you love, twice if it's your parents or children. :):) xo


  1. I always think the end of the year goes by so quickly. One minute there seems a long way to go to Christmas, next thing panic sets in! I imagine the weeks seem to disappear even faster for you, as you have Thanksgiving to prepare for too.

  2. We spend most of the year far far away from family so it will be fun this afternoon to get some hugs from 2 of our grandsons. Lots of hugs!!! Have a good day my friend!

  3. It's great to spend time with family...especially at holiday time.
    Have a great Sunday Susie.
    Love you!

  4. This was very much a stay at home weekend for me. I envy you! I can't believe November is here either. Just hold January off for me!!


  5. You remind me that I need to think about Christmas plans. Make lists. Focus. And I will, soon.

  6. How did it get to be November already?

    I wouldn't wait around all day for a concert either. The Christmas Concert sounds much better. I'm sure you'll have a good time no matter when it is.

    Have a great Sunday, Susie!

  7. We talked about the same things with my daughters yesterday, too. We have THREE plays coming up, a ballet recital and a Christmas program, a seminar and 2 birthdays all within a 10 day period. I am thinking of taking up drinking! lol xo Diana