Saturday, November 2, 2013

Impulse Buying.....

 I rarely impulse buy. Especially after my cart is in the check out line. BUT....the other day at the grocery store, I spotted this bouquet of silk flowers. In a cute basket, I might add. It was at the end cap of the check out. I saw the big 5 dollars price on it and I put it in my cart. I was happy about it till I got home. Where am I going to display it. Maybe I'll give it as a gift.
 Here are some photos of some pretty trees in town. I love the wonderful colors of fall. If our trees were this lovely and the leaves on the ground looked so nice, I would probably never rake. :):)
This is the lot where our farmer's market is held . It's a public parking in town. I love these trees and have no idea what they are. Hope you are able to see some beauty of nature today. xo


  1. I like your little gift to yourself. Find a place for it. I love those photos of the fall leaves. As you know, we get none of that here!

  2. Susie! I know that you will find the perfect place for that little impulse that tugged at your spirit. If there is not a place in your home, perhaps passing it on to family member or a friend that needs a little pick me up one day.

    The trees are lovely!
    Happy November, my friend!

  3. I thought the bouquet was real? Yes the trees are pretty now, when I came home yesterday the sun was shining bright and the trees were just glowing!

  4. Good Morning Susie, I am trying to catch up with friends while I wait for my ride then off to lunch with my daughter and daughter-in-law. After lunch going to the Taste of Home Cooking School. I love your silk flowers. Find a spot somewhere and keep them. Your hubby would fit right in with my son and his family. Their specialty is wooden puzzles, but they make other things to. The trees are pretty and I need to try to get pictures of mine in the back of the house. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  5. Susie,
    Your silk flowers are so pretty. You know, starting the new year, I decided to buy myself some flowers every now and then. I think it's good to treat ourselves once in awhile, so no worries about the flowers that you bought. The color is lovely. Look at these trees in full Autumn! It's one of the reasons why I love this season so much.

    Have a fun weekend.


  6. I thought your flowers were real! I think you should keep them, treat yourself.
    The trees look stunning, I love all the different colours appearing on the same tree.

  7. oh such pretties Susie(:)
    thanks on the spooky fun over at my blog (:)
    yes yes ..the time flies by so so fast !!
    And a new Holiday to address is a coming .. I love them all

  8. I really like the basket of flowers Susie! Beautiful as are the trees in the photos too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. The colors of the leaves right now are stunning!! Wish they stayed on the trees a bit longer to enjoy.
    Mary Alice

  10. We went up to the mountains today to see the leaves. Gorgeous, although many of the trees were bare thanks to a big storm a couple of nights ago. Your trees are beautiful. xo Laura

  11. I must confess that I am guilty of some impulse shopping on occasion.:-)

    Beautiful trees! We still have some color on ours, too.

    I hope you have had a good Saturday!

    xo Nellie

  12. Keep those pretty flowers. With silk you can have blooms all year long.

    The trees are beautiful. I got a chance to see some today also -- finally! This is why I love autumn.

  13. The flowers are very pretty. who ever gets them is lucky.
    The trees are pretty too!

  14. The flowers are lovely. I have a bouquet of silk flowers in my entry and I so enjoy them. Hope you get as much enjoyment, too.

  15. Beautiful flowers and trees...LOVE fall color :)

  16. I impulse bought some real flowers at the grocery store the other day. Gave half of them to my Mom. They were a manager special and a huge bouquet! I also just did a post on impulse buying at a garage sale this past summer. Sometimes we just can't pass up a good deal!

    Cindy Bee

  17. No wonder you didn’t resist the impulse of buying it. It’s exquisite! What did you do with it? I would not have been surprised if you gave it away as gift, since you don’t have a place for it to display. With your passion for crafting and gardening, I guess there’s already so much floral décor in your house. Here’s to bringing the beauty of nature into your home!

    Breanne Kunzman @ Nan’s Blossom Shop