Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don't You Miss Them?????

I had to look back at some of these pretty flowers. I sure am missing them. It rained all day and the skies were gray and dismal . It's that time of year where we have very little color .
 Oh these violas were so pretty this past spring and summer. I loved the colors.
This was some of my roses gone back to wild. But I loved them anyway they would grow. I hope all of you are enjoy this up coming weekend. Thinking of all in need of prayer. It's been a rough week for many. xoxo


  1. Come to Georgia! We can have violas and pansies even in the winter! Love your photos, you are right they are so colorful. And you are right, so many are going through so much. Take care. xx

  2. I do miss them, Susie. I really don't like winter much at all...except for the smell of woodsmoke on a crisp winter night.
    You are right- lots of people needing prayers this week- xo Diana

  3. Those are some wonderful colors, Susie! We have that to anticipate with another season. Sending prayers for everyone who is recovering from those storms! xo Nellie

  4. Lovely flowers Susie. I enjoy my flowers also. My rose bush went back to wild also. It makes a few roses when it's starting to grow then all of a sudden it grows long feelers that I usually cut down but no flowers all summer long. I don't even protect it during the long winters.

    Yes...prayer is powerful for those that have lost everything, gives inner strengh when there seems to be none.

  5. I love pansies, They are my very favorite flower. All of your flowers are beautiful Susie!

  6. Oh, I miss them too! We had the same skies and drizzled all day long. Just under an inch here, but really warmer than normal. The cold is coming back, though, this weekend!

  7. Very cold here in the PNW.
    Your images are lovely, Susie. I had hoped to plant some winter pansies. I have been working on inside projects.
    The best of blessings to all!

  8. It was rainy and dismal most of the day here, too. Your lovely flowers are a bright spot! I don't mind seeing them any time!

  9. We have winter pansies here. Our only touch of color on a very gray and rainy day. xo Laura

  10. I know what you mean, Susie. It has been looking pretty bare outside now that the leaves have blown away. Maybe that's why I pick up a few roses from the market when I get my groceries...just for a little pick me up.
    Have a blessed weekend, sweet friend.

  11. our flowers are still blooming. i love florida.

    smiles, bee