Thursday, December 5, 2013

Open House.....

 It's an open house this Saturday at Horton's. So I got in to get some photos. I do like this old wire cloche on a tray, with greenery and plenty of pops of red. Such a sweet bird.
 Here's their Santa's sleigh loaded with brown paper packages tied with plaid ribbons, small lit tree . Love the big burlap wreath on front.
Another small lit tree in a suitcase...clever. This is next to a sofa piled with cute pillows.
Lots and lots of sweet keepsakes. I like the bookends. Get your cake plates out and put something pretty on them for the holidays. Now there's a tiny tree...that's about the size I want to decorate these days. LOL
 Yikes, I can not believe just how close Christmas is. I have gifts to wrap. I am addressing my cards today.  Each year, I say I am sending less cards...but I usually send more. Because sometimes, it's just to let people we rarely see know we are thinking of them. I write in each card, a little line or two.
  Bad weather for a big part  of the country today and tomorrow. Please be careful out there on the roads.xo


  1. I don't get to go to Horton's this time so take lots of pics for me. Patty Beck is having her open house this Saturday too and she doesn't live too far from Tipton.
    I loved all of your crafting fun with Emma. So cute. I am supposed to get four of my nieces this weekend but with this winter storm heading our way I don't know if it will happen. They come from all over Indiana. I just hope we don't lose power....again.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Such a wonderful place. Love the tree in the suitcase idea. xo Laura

  3. Your Horton's posts are always enjoyable! I keep saying that I am going to plan a trip to be there for one of their Open House events.

    Do you expect bad weather, Susie? Hopefully you will not have any of that ice storm!

    xo Nellie

  4. Oh love that sled! My moms best friend had one she put out every year, she does not do that anymore? wonder what happened to it? Woke up this am to sleet covering my car, so glad I am off today!

  5. I need to work on my Christmas cards, too. Wish I could go to Horton's with you...what a beautiful place to shop for the holidays!

  6. Those are lovely photos from Hortons Susie. Bad weather expected for the lower half of Illinois. I am hoping it misses us!

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  8. Lovely and festive Susie...Our bad weather is to be here on Sunday..I'm not going out..You be careful...

  9. Steve always does our Christmas card design. He was busy finishing a huge commissioned painting and it was just hung so now he needs to get busy creating our Christmas card.

    I have friends who mix it up every year. Sometimes they send a New Year's card, sometimes Valentines Day and sometimes Easter. No matter when it arrives, it is fun catching up.

  10. Lots of great eye candy!! Christmas sure is coming fast!

  11. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of the shop Susie. It looks so pretty and festive in here. Someday I would love to go to one of the Horton open houses.
    sending hugs...

  12. Oh Susie...I love all those decorations! Who wouldn't enjoy going to their open house?

    Blessings...& stay safe!

  13. What a wonderful open house there, Susie. I am so far behind it isn't funny and I think I will have the baby boy here off and on this whole month the way it looks. That's okay-his improving health is the best Christmas present in the world- xo Diana

  14. You are the best publicist for Horton's. People all over the country know about it and if I ever get to that part of the U.S., you know I'm going to be visiting it. It's such a cute store.

    I can't believe how close Christmas is either. I've got SO much to do before the big day.