Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Church Bazaar....

 This is the west wall in the United Methodist Church of Sharpsville. I have driven by this church so many times , going to Kokomo and back home, but this was my first time inside. It's very nice.
We set up in the children's room. This mural of Adam and Eve and lots of animals. Adam and Eve had those nice flowers to stand behind:):)
Some of the drawings were kid like and some must have been done by adults. Very cute.
 Here's some of the things we brought.Bread boxes, photo boxes, trays, The birdhouse(still didn't sell) I'll give them to my daughters. We sold some things. Most of the booths were small businesses. Lotions, perfumes, body wraps, and some books. Of course home made baked goods.:)
Look at this beautiful sky...this is how wonderful it was yesterday. Once we returned home, I went for a walk. The air was really crisp, but I like for my face to get cold.:):) Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. xo


  1. I have 2 birdhouses you made out of pvc pipe with wooden roofs. I had chickadees and wrens nest in them this last season.

  2. I am hoping that those wonderful trays sold. They are beautiful, Susie!
    We are frozen solid here in the Pacific Northwest!
    Have a good week!

  3. Beautiful window. It was cold yesterday, but the sunshine felt good...snow coming your way!

  4. I love those trays. Maybe you should set up an etsy shop. You could keep Ted very busy!
    Have a great day. Stay warm.

    BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog this week from a cute internet kids clothing spot. I'm trying to help the girl who owns the company as she does donate a portion of her sales to autism. If you know of anyone who'd like a cute kids' outfit, please enter. all you have to do is comment.

  5. I really wish you lived closer. I would have purchased a bread keeper. None in the stores anymore.
    Snow flurries and cold here this morning.

  6. The Church Bazaar sounds delightful, Susie. Jess would love those flamingos in Adam and Eve's picture. The stained glass windows are so pretty in the church.

    It's nice that you went for a walk and enjoyed nature. It is so cold here today that frost is on all the front yards.

    Have a blessed Sunday.


  7. We are complaining that it is soooo cold at a high of 52 degrees. It makes us want to stay inside and enjoy the fire.

  8. Beautiful church and beautiful crafts! Your husband is so gifted! I agree with Japolina - an etsy shop might be just the thing! You would get a wider audience!

  9. I do love viewing stained glass windows in churches.

    We have escaped snow and ice, just lots and lots of rain this weekend.

  10. We had such a peaceful weekend! Loved the rain yesterday and today it was cold but not so cold as to be miserable.
    I loved the picture of Adam and Eve! Really cute.

  11. Every time you and Ted do a show, I think of how my mom and I used to do four or five a year. We always had a lot of fun, even when we didn't sell that much.

    That mural is so cute!