Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Sunday....

Here's Sunday already. Wow , didn't a week of March just fly by?   Yesterday, Ted put the cupola on the garage. He built is two weeks ago, but the weather wasn't  nice enough to be climbing. We went to the covered bridge  festival in Parke County, In. about 6 years ago and bought a weather vane. Well we are just now using it, on top of the cupola. I'll get a picture soon and show what it looks like.
 We drove into town yesterday afternoon. Just for a trip out of the house. Everything looked dirty and drab. The weather took a toll on some things. The big piles of snow, that appear to never melt, are in all the parking lots, along each road, in yards. It is melting nice and slow, which is a good thing.
 Hope all of you are having a warm up. Enjoy this day.  xo


  1. i will be so happy when it warms up for all my northern friends. it's truly be a long hard winter. i am looking forward to seeing more of ted's handiwork!

    smiles, bee

  2. Can't wait to see your cupola, Susie. I am so sick of the "dirty" part of winter, too. It is bad enough when it is white and pretty but I hate this grey, dirty stage of snow.

    Have a wonderful Sunday. xo Diana

  3. The huge dirty piles of snow are depressing. It is only 10 more days till spring and we are to have warmer weather this week.
    Have a wonderful day Susie!

  4. This is my least favorite time of year because the snow is dingy and dirty, and the winds become strong. But soon we'll be at wonderful summer.
    For several years now, we just go directly from winter to summer, all in about 3 days. :-) You have a wonderful Sunday too, Susie. xo

  5. Look forward to seeing your cupola and weather vane. Thankful your snow is melting slowly.
    I wish you two a nice Sunday.

  6. Good Sunday Morning. So happy the snow is beginning to melt. We may hit 50+ here in Chicago tomorrow. Wooo Hooo maybe we will see Spring. Have a great start to the new week.

  7. When daylight savings starts it is always a sign of Spring to me...not far off now. But I have seen snow in April....but for sure you know it won't last long then. Looking forward to seeing your weather vain. Have a great day.

  8. Well today we are having a cool down from yesterday but at least it's not 10 degrees at 5a.m.

  9. It's a beautiful sunny and warm day here. I too am ready for those piles of black, dirty snow to be gone.

  10. Hi Susie!
    We are hoping to get some rain this week to wash some of the salt and sand away! Maybe that's why Spring is taking it's time to get here, everything look so dirty!
    Have a great week!