Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday's Shower.....

               This is the cake at Lynzie's shower, plus there were two trays of cupcakes.
 Here are my beautiful granddaughter's Emma and Lynzie.  They are sisters 13 years apart.
             Here I am with all my daughters, (twins)Karen and Lizzy, Angie, and Kathy.
 This is some of the food items. Strawberries, chicken salad sandwiches and ham/cheese on rolls. More cupcakes, which were a hit with the young girls and me. I did eat one, without frosting. There was another bowl of mixed fruits  and more cupcakes in the kitchen. People got to take things home if they liked.
 Someone is standing on a chair here attaching decorations...yikes. This was flour tortillas with spiced cream cheese rolled in to pinwheels. and tacos in a cup. There was coffee , tea , and pink lemonade.
This was so funny. It is one of the games. You get a model and rolls of toilet tissues and make wedding dresses. They look more like mummies ...LOL. This is Emma, Grandma Donna, sweet little Maggie, and Savannah who just kept smiling during this whole thing. Grandma Donna said that was very like the dress she wore when she did get married. :):)


  1. Looks like a wonderful, fun day! :)

  2. Sounds wonderful, and I love that family photo of you with your daughters. What a blessing!!

  3. What beautiful daughters you have! They all look like you, except the blond. You know I have four sons...only 2 are married! heehee! How nice to live close enough to be together like this. Happy Sunday my friend!

  4. Susie, what a wonderful day you all had! The food all looked delicious and the photos are wonderful!

  5. Hi Susie, looks like a wonderful spread! lots of yummys! and I love the mummy brides! we played that at one of my girls showers too. love the pic of you and your girls!
    have a great sunday

  6. I enjoyed these pictures so much. Looks like a splendid shower. You and your daughters are beautiful.

  7. You ladies are all beautiful-what gorgeous smiles.
    It sure looks like the shower was fun and definitely pretty.

  8. What a fun day and all the wonderful treats for the shower. Love the picture of you with your girls. Your granddaughters are so sweet too.

  9. Susie,
    The toilet tissue and wedding dress game is one that we played at Nel's shower too!! Wasn't that funny? There was one team that won, and her dress turned out so nice that it looked just like a wedding dress. The others were so creative. All the food looks yummy, and I want one of those cupcakes!

    The picture of you and your daughters is priceless. And your granddaughters look so sweet. You are so lucky to have all your family around you.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, Susie.


  10. The TP weddomg dress game is fun! Not as easy as it looks. What a fun time of celebrating your granddaughter's wedding. Congratulations to be so young that you can enjoy another season in life.

  11. Looks like a very special and fun day and party!
    Mary Alice

  12. What a fun party. Congratulations on the upcoming event!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful time Susie. Love, love the photo of you and your girls! My sil does that wedding dress things at all of her showers. You would be amazed at the gowns they make. Her family does intricate details using paper napkins.

  14. What great pictures, Susie. Love the one of you and your girls!!!
    Happy memories for everyone involved.

  15. What a beautiful shower! Love all the food ideas. Tacos in a cup. How cute. You all look so lovely! Love the toilet paper wedding dresses! LOL Glad you had a fun time with the girls.

  16. FOUR girls!!!! How awesome is that??? I am learning more and more about you!!
    GREAT post and it looks like ya'll had a LOT of fun!! LOVE the 'wedding dresses!'

  17. Wedding showers are so much fun. Looks like you had a lot of fun and ate some good food!

  18. What a fun day! All that food looks so delicious! Those tissue wedding dresses are hilarious. It must be nice to live so close to your family that you get to see them. Your daughters and granddaughters are beauties.

  19. Looks like a fun shower, Susie! I enjoyed the great family photos, too!

  20. OMGoodness! Lynzie looks like you, Susie! I cannot believe how much Emma has grown since you first introduced her to us! Your grand girls are adorable!

    What a lovely occasion! The food looked fabulous!

    I am glad that you were able to get a photograph of you and your daughters to display with the previous one.
    To life's great memories!
    Can't wait 'til the wedding photos!

  21. What a fun family event! Glad everybody was together to enjoy it. I love the crazy bridal dress game!