Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I am trying to learn to load and post my photos from my new camera, to my new computer, to my old blog. I am sure I am not doing it the right way, but hey look. Here is a photo of one of our big snows. I know , snow she keeps saying. LOL I haven't taken any new photos for ever.
   Hope you have a sunny day today. We are having partly sunny. I'll take that over no sun. xo


  1. Looks like you are learning, Susie. I thought at first you said LEAVING and I thought- What the HECK? lol
    Hope you have a great day-We have more snow today here...can't believe it. xo Diana

  2. A few weeks from now, Susie, it will all seem easy to you. And I'm with you, I'll take partly sunny over no sun anytime! Right now we're getting a gentle snow. Doesn't that sound lovely? (It's not a bit welcome here!!!!) LOL

  3. there should be crocus peeking through the snow now and maybe hibiscus and tulips too. walk in the sun and look for them. the first sight of them always made me feel so good!

    hugs, bee

  4. It's always a challenge to learn something new. You're doing great! Stay warm! Hugs!

  5. Good job....but go back to pictures from last Spring please! Oh...those probably aren't on the new camera....I hear Hortons will have their plants in on March 15....I've got plans that day but I"m going to get up early and try to get there when they open. I NEED SPRING!

    Cindy Bee

  6. It's exciting to have new technology! Figuring out the tricks to make it work well for us is often a challenge. We have partly cloudy here at the moment, though sun had been predicted. No snow here today! xo Nellie

  7. Looks like you are doing a good job. Hope you have a very nice day, Susie.

  8. Oh, I love to see the snow, Susie. I know, it's hard to figure out downloading on a new computer. I'm going through that myself. You just have to get used to it, and once you do, I know you will be the best at it. It is supposed to rain this week. Thank you for giving me some of your snow, Susie.


  9. It's been snowing here for days, and days, and days. I'd rather have snow, and not rain when it's still so cold. Driving on ice scares me. I would like some sunshine, though.
    Have a good week!

    1. Debbie, I get the blues if I have too many gray days in a row. I love my sunshine. It turned cloudy around noon , but at this moment it's all sunshine.xo,Susie

  10. We have sun, but it's bitter cold. Just thankful that there's no new snow. Your pictures look great.

  11. Our weather was dreary and cold today. Would love to have some sunshine!

  12. Even with all the snow and ice on the ground having the sunshine cheers me up. And there's more daylight every day which helps a lot. Stay safe and warm! Spring is right around the corner.

  13. That's a great picture, Susie!

    Yesterday, I heard that Chicago had it's coldest winter on record. You are not far from there, so I am assuming that you have had a record breaking winter as well!

    Only 15 more days!