Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Cupola & Weather Vane....

This bottom photo is Ted upon the shop/garage. He built this cupola two weeks ago and finally got the chance to put it on the roof. The weather vane is a horse in a trot stance. We had a cupola on the garage in town and had a copper roof on it. It had a chicken vane . We drove by to look at it just yesterday. The copper is getting a nice patina on it. Wish we had brought that out here to the farm.
   I will have to work with my new camera. I am not getting any close up shots. Missed a great chance earlier of a flock of whooping cranes in the field across the road. Then I came in and went back out and they flew almost over my head and the camera was in the house....why?  One of those Homer Simpson moments...doh !!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos. We have always wanted a weathervane too.
    Wishing you lots of smiles today.

  2. Your husband did a beautiful job with the cuppola. Love the weathervane!

  3. The cupola looks great with the weathervane!
    Mary Alice

  4. I love it!!! looks wonderful!!!!! I never had the camera when I need it either!!!!!

  5. I'm like that with my camera too. But if I have it there's no good shots.

    The cupola looks great! I love it.

  6. I love that kind of stuff.
    I've had a few of those "wish I had my camera" moments myself.

  7. LOVE them! How awesome that you have 2! They add such charm to a home.

  8. oh i love it! i used to have a container of a liquid that turned the patina to a bluish color but i heard you could just pee on it.

    seriously, i did hear that.

    smiles, bee

  9. I love cupolas, what a handy hubby you have! That weather vane will be the perfect addition. I sure couldn't climb up on the roof, I don't like heights!

  10. I love cupolas, too! I wish we had one. Hubby did an awesome job! I love those moments when I don't take my camera. The most amazing things always happen then!

  11. And to think he did this in our terribly cold weather! That's dedication.

    My hubby, who is not such a savvy wood worker, wanted a cupola and weathervane on our shed roof at the lake. I never thought it would happen, especially because he is afraid of heights and can't stand ladders!! Our shed roof is steep. But he did it, built the cupola to fit, painted it bright red and found a rooster weathervane. I will always think of him when I look at it. And you can bet, if we ever move, we are taking it! :)


  12. Nice to have a cupola at the top of your house. Your hubby is doing a great job over there. Tell him to be careful.
    I am now your new follower. If you find time have a look of mine and join if you like.