Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Time...

Yesterday was a great Christmas day with family. Angie, Liz, Ted ,me, and Karen. Kathy could not be with us on Christmas day, but we all did spend time with her on Sunday. This is a photo with my new camera. I hope I can make it work for me. I did not take many pictures yesterday with it , because I was using both my cameras just in case.
 We are having a blizzard right now. The news has been nothing but the horrid conditions. Asking people to stay home  and off the roads. Two planes took off from Indy and turn right back. My granddaughter better stay in touch with the airlines....she has to go back to Tampa on Thursday. I pray we can all make it through this and not lose power.   I will be sweeping the porch every hour or so..I hate for it to be covered with snow. It is suppose to stop snowing this evening very late...Tomorrow will be dig out day.Let's see...84 more days till Spring. :):):)


  1. oh how i dislike snow! stay warm honey and enjoy that family time...

    hugs, bee

  2. Good Morning Susie. I hope you do not get snowed in. We had fake snow at church Sunday and loved it-Silly Southerners that we are. I am glad you enjoyed your Christmas.

  3. At first site, I thought there is a picture from her new camera. I am jealous, hah.
    We are under a LEvel 2 emergency at the moment. My HUbby had to drive his 45 minutes to work.....of course that will double for sure.
    I love days like this but not when he has to drive.

  4. It is good to see you are using that new camera!:-)

    I hope you are able to keep electricity and that all will work out for that Thursday flight!

    Rain and wind here - no snow.

    xo Nellie

  5. Not one snowflake in St Louis! My Columbus IN cousin are suppose to be coming over on Friday..hope they can dig out by then!
    Congrats on your Cannon Rebel!

  6. No snow in central Illinois and I am so glad. I hope you are able to keep your power on!

  7. Beautiful family photo~just rain and wind here in GA. I hope your conditions improve and that you won't lose power.

  8. I heard about that blizzard.. Ya'll stay warm and safe.. We're having lots of wind ans snow flurries.I got a new camera back in the summer for my birthday and haven't learned much about it Happy New Year.