Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who Knows....

This is actually one of the newer photos I had in my I am allowed by his/her royal hinny-ness blogger/google to access this picture and make a post. I have not heard from that computer repairman, or had a chance to go see him in person. But then here I am being able to post a photo, when that was my computer problem to start good old Charlie Brown would say, good grief. LOL
 I planned on posting about my rather boring know chores ,chores , and more chores. I have the laundry caught up. With my washer/dryer in the basement it's a workout. My backside  should never sag:):)
Today, I will clean this office. It appears that some brainiack works in it. LOL. No just one slob of an old lady, ME. Why do I keep things, I have this industrial shredder, but I  keep things I think I may read again. Or heaven forbid  I throw away any of these " insurance"  information letters, that make me crazy trying to understand. Why is" important" junk mail trying to take over my life ?  So it's shredding today, plus high dusting.
I am ashamed of how dusty this office has become.Yikes. Hope all of you have much more fun things to do today.  xoxo


  1. My day at work is just about as interesting. The picture is great.

  2. Susie!
    What a cute vignette!
    Did your hubby make the sled?
    A M A Z I N G !
    I love the wreath framing the silver tray!
    There is plenty of dust here on 34th street as well!
    I'm off to the office in about two hours!

    1. This is a photo from Horton's ..I just could not show it before today. It is cute though. :):)susie

  3. ugg, i hate that job. i usually just end up ripping stuff and tossing it in several trash cans! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. I really like the picture, Susie.

    Send some motivation this direction for that clearing away of paper! It grows, even while we are sleeping!

    xo Nellie

  5. I love your picture and am sorry you are having such a hard time with blogger. I just cleaned my basement area downstairs and I kinda know how you feel- I am getting rid of stuff. Yes. I. Am! xo Diana

  6. I throw most of my unwanted mail or secure stuff into the fire. CC and I have spent the entire day in our pj's so I know you have been way more productive than us:}

  7. My desk always looks like a bomb exploded on it. When I do clean it, it looks messy again within a week.

  8. I read the first part of your post to my hubby. He deals with this sort of thing all the time...we both do! It's so aggravating! And my house is SO dusty! lol Never ending chores! Sweet hugs!

  9. I had trouble getting some pics to load?
    my w/d is in the basement to