Thursday, December 6, 2012

Doodle Bug...

This is Lynzie, we call her doodle bug. She said in high school," I do not want to be doodle bug any more."  I told her that doodle bug was a name for a bomb and she was the bomb. I slip every once in a while and call her doodle. Bless her heart, she's the best young lady ever. She is in her last year of studies to become a nurse. I know she will be a good one. I just don't get to see her enough. She is Emma's big sister. I have been thinking of her today, so that's why I posted her photo.
  I made my dentist appointment yesterday. Got a good report. Yes, of course, they ask questions while you can't talk.:):)Wow, they were busy. Everyone getting things done before the holidays. I love my dentist, but still get the heebee-geebees, whenever I go there. Hope all of you have a wonderful day. xo


  1. Doodle is what I call my Laken. she just looks like a sweet girl. Hope your day is good as well. The sun is really shining here but I hear there is a bunch of rain on it's way.

  2. Good luck to Lynzie in her nursing career; being a doodle will certainly help! That was my profession many years ago.

  3. Susie,
    Lynzie is a lovely young lady, and that's great she wants to be a nurse. I haven't hear the work "heebeegeebees" in a long while. That made my day, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Good for her, nursing is a great career. It served me well.

  5. I hate to go to the dentist to. I am glad you had a good checkup.

  6. Doodle Bug is a cutie and I love that nick name. But then of course, I always love to doodle. Often when I'm on the phone I'll look down and see that I have been doodling on a piece of paper. lol! I use to work at a Dentists office. I don't mind going, but I always want to laugh when they ask questions and you can't talk. Yes, my dentist does that too. Although, he does say, "raise your hand if this hurts".

    1. raise your hand when it hurts??? omg..I think my hair standing straight up would be a sign of total fright, from pain.LOLxo, Susie

  7. She is so cute. I think nurses are amazing!

    I hate my new dentist. Glad that you like yours!

  8. Your Doodle is beautiful.. I'm so glad you got your dentist app.. over with and got a good report.. Mine is over for now, I hope.. It went ok but had to have some pulled.. You're not kidding when you say it gives you the heebee geebees.. On top of that I had to take antibiotics and they always make me so sick I can't hold my head up.. I told the dentist he'd better get all that he could done because I sure wouldn't want to go through this stuff again.. But I can't say that I won't, One never knows..Take care and hugs, Susie

  9. She will be a amazing nurse. She will help so many people.