Monday, September 3, 2012

Almost Time For Cinnamon Rolls...

Personally I think any time is time for cinnamon rolls. This photo was taken last year, at the Earth festival. Ted Bear has given up sugars since then. He lost about 25 pounds. Men !!! Gotta love them.:) The Tipton county pork fest is this coming weekend. He may have pork on a stick, which is a tenderloin . In 3 weeks it will be Earth Festival again. We will fore go the cinnamon roll.
  I will meet up with my daughters at the Pork-fest. We go to see the art tent and crafts, more than the food. I love to see how well the kids do in art. We go to the library 1st thing on Friday sales.:):) I am getting excited thinking about being with my girls. We always have the best times.xo


  1. Hi Susie..

    thanks for stopping by and seeing my sofas.

    we have the Barbeque festival every year in Lexington NC - so its Pork Galore for 2 whole days lol. They even held the BBQ cookoff here this year and crowned the new King of the Grill.
    I too had to give up sugar last year so I try to stay away from all the sweets offered at the festival. Still it seems I have a sugar spike just from the smell:):)

    Ya'll enjoy your festival and get some pics for us if you can..

  2. Sounds like a fun day to me!
    I love spending time with my girls too.

  3. Wow, that Pork Fest sounds devine. I'm not always keen on sweets, however I do love cinnamon buns, so it would take lots of willpower for me not to have at least one. Hope you have fun in the crafts section.

  4. The pork fest? It sound so funny. And yummy.

  5. The pork fest sounds like a lot of fun. I love pork tenderloin!

  6. Replies
    1. hahaha Bee I can't stop laughing. I should have explained better. This is farm country, it's corn fields and hog farms around here...not too many of the hog farms , thank goodness. susie

  7. Pork on a stick - it's all American! We gave up sugar and processed flour and lost weight - hubs lost 2xs as much as me. "Men!" is right. The sad part is I've been slipping the last month and the weight comes back FAST

  8. Have a wonderful time at the fest! Cinnamon rolls sound so delicious but we can't have sugar either!

  9. Cinnamon rolls...oh how I love them...but cutting back on sugars and being gluten free have severely limited my consumption, too! Pork tenderloin on a that sounds good, too! Thanks so much for stopping by my junk post, Susie!

  10. This sounds like such fun, Susie, even without the cinnamon rolls!:) I believe I'd like the pork on a stick, though.:)

    xo Nellie

  11. Have fun with your girls, Susie. I love even just the smell of cinnamon rolls baking. Nothing like it in the world- xo Diana

  12. Everything sounds so good. Had my summer treats this weekend -- lobster roll and blueberry pie. So enjoy the fall treats, too!

  13. You have stirred up a lot of yumminess
    in this post, Susie. Tipton is such a festive town! Have fun with your girls!

  14. The cinnamon rolls sound delicious, but I am trying to give up MOST sugar. I don't eat near as much as I used to. Not a fun thing to do, but sometimes necessary. :)