Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walking Today , Smelling the Flowers...

 I went walking with two of my sisters this morning. We spotted this beautiful plant, so I took Jeanie's picture. Pam's hair was in rollers and she didn't want to get in the shot.LOL
 We saw this nice walkway lined with flowers, purple and orange. Plus a couple rose bushes. Then we went by a cousin's and Jeanie stole some pears. Just kidding, Chuck said we could help ourselves. Jeanie and I walked on Tuesday also. We went to the nun's home and visited Sister Virginia. We talked with her about Jeanie taking pears once from a tree and a bee stung her finger.Pay back for stealing :):) Sister Virginia said when she was young she took pears and apples from a neighbor.:):) Now she's a nun. We really enjoy visiting the nuns. They will all be moved to a different area in a few months. So we have to visit while there's time.I will miss their gentle ways. We will have to stay in touch by mail now.


  1. You naughty sisters. Must be fun having each other.

  2. How fun. I wish my sister lived close and we could walk!

  3. I so wish my sister lived close by instead of 500 miles away!

    The flowers are beautiful!

  4. How nice that you visit the nuns, I know they must love your company! Beautiful flowers! Have a great day, Susie!


  5. oh my gosh those flowers are huge! They're beautiful! Sounds like such a nice day you had, wish had sisters to walk with,

  6. How wonderful that you have your sisters to walk with. The flowers in your neighborhood are beautiful.


  7. What fun you have with your sisters. That is a cute story about the bee stinging the "thief"

    Hope you have a great night. We have a large, big beautiful convent up the street from us about 1/4 mile. xo Diana

  8. You are lucky to have such good company to walk with (and have fun with)!!