Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Festival.....

 This man played some really good music for all at the festival. We ate our lunch on the library steps, like we have for past 5 years or so. Ted and Kathy had the thickest pork-chops and I had a b-b-q sandwich.
 Just as I bought some sweet annie, which I had completely forgotten about in my previous post, I spotted a booth that was full of games. I was wanting to look closer and took this shot on the run . Sorry my cuff is in the photo. Now I wish I had bought some of these old marbles. It's a very good price .
Sorry again...I can not flip my photos, grrrrr. I wanted a picture of this tree. It is covered in yarn and so were the library rails. Hope you can make it out .
 Now what is going on with blogger again , again and again. I have been trying to leave comments and once I hit send, a screen pops up that says I am being  re-directed. Some of the people I have being visiting since I started blogging , I can not reach now. As soon as I click their site the screen gives me this re-directed double-talk. If I visit you and leave comments and you have not heard from me for awhile....I am trying dear friends.  xo


  1. There seems to be a lot of annoying things happening with blogger lately. Anyway, I turned my head sideways and got a good view of the yarn-covered tree!

  2. blogger is not nice these days! i am also getting error notes on some blogs i read, i can only read them in the reader now and send an email for a comment.

    hugs, bee

  3. Hi Susie, I cruised by your last post too and what a fun festival it looked like. Thank you for sharing; hope you have a nice day inside.
    I know blogger can be so frustrating-they keep changing things up ad it is harder for us older folks(me)to keep up.

  4. I stretched my neck sideways and was able to get a good look at the picture. Can you use windows live photo gallery to turn the pic before you insert it in the post.

  5. The tree wrapped in yarn was "Yarn bombed". It is a new fad where people wrap stuff in knitted sweaters. I'm not kidding.

    The festival looked amazing.

  6. Hey Susie...
    I love the tree!!!! even sideways!!!
    Such a fun this time of year!
    Happy Fall!
    Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. Susie
    It sure sounds like a lot of fun!
    I've been wanting to buy more old marbles, but they are way too expensive even down here in Iowa.

  8. This looked like a fun festival! Blogger give some problems sometimes, too, Susie! I hope they can work out their "glitch"!