Friday, September 7, 2012

Hooray, New Driveways And the Festival Too....

 Here's the new drives. They made the one by the shop just like I wanted. The extra parking area and the curved side so I can put in more flowerbeds. The people who did this paving job were outstanding. A grandfather, father, 2 sons, a grandson and a hired hand.. ...everyone worked in the horrible heat. No whining and no cussing. Just good hard working men. We gave them plenty of water and lemonade. I was really impressed how hard those kids worked.

 Here's two of my daughters and my granddaughter Lynzie. We had our picture taken at the hospital booth. My blood pressure was 120/80. They said that was good. I like it better at 115/75. The nurse on duty was passing out water bottles and bandaids.
Just when things were opening and starting to get going at the festival, the storm warning were issued. See all the men in the street by the blue/white tents...they are waiting for the pork chop lunches. I told my daughters, you can really get a man attention if you  put up a food tent. LOL Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend .


  1. What a nice looking piece of asphalt. That is hot hard work in any weather!
    Cute picture of your peas and squash!;>) Too bad about the storm warnings....I'll bet it didn't scare the men out of the food line- xo Diana

  2. Driveways look good!

    I'd like to have a bp reading like yours! That's great!

    Enjoy the week-end!

  3. looks like they did a fabulous job on those driveways! and the porkfest too! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. Great looking driveway...God bless those workers! Love the pic of grandkids, it's always fun to stick your face in one of them!


  5. Your driveway looks good Susie.

  6. Wishing you a nice weekend. Your drive is great and so thankful you had good, reliable workers.

  7. Susie
    Your drive looks great! It's always such a blessing to have a job well done-especially by good folks!

  8. The drives look very good, I can see why you are pleased.

  9. Your driveway looks very nice. I haven't been to the pork festival in years. Too bad it had to storm on them last night. I hope they didn't lose all of their tents. I heard Henry Lee Summer was playing there tonight. My sister saw him not too long ago and said he looked a little worn out. Poor guy. I would love to go but I have other plans. Have a great weekend.

    Cindy Bee

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