Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Driveways? Maybe Not....

 Yesterday morning the crew pulls up ready to make our new drives. We have had gravel at the shop/garage drive since we've lived here. The old drive is still here, it was getting cracked and needed resurfacing.
 But as you can started to rain shortly after the crew arrived. It was a gully washer. The storm just popped up so fast and dumped so much rain, the crew stopped working.They will be back today.
I like to shovel the snow from the driveways myself. It's hard work at times , but good exercise. Who needs an expensive gym membership. We have a snow blower, Ted uses it . I have a nice snow shovel:):) I take breaks when shoveling. I lift with my knees, not my back....but when I am done, my everything hurts LOL


  1. It will be so nice when it is finished. Would love to have our driveway paved, but that will never happen. LOL

  2. That was a splendid pop up shower. I trust they get the driveway done today. Our yellow house is on a little gravel road with four other houses. When we financed it the bank almost did not want to do it because of the gravel road. I thought how many people actually live on gravel roads? I imagine many still do. I think they were being fussy because we are actually in a subdivision but still. Our road washes out in rains and we all get together and pay someone to redo it. Paving it would coat a fortune.

  3. ...cost a fortune... is what I meant to type...oh dear

  4. Most likely you needed the rain, but when it pours ... Your drive will so be enjoyed when done.

    Have a great week.

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    TTFN ~

  5. I hope the driveway gets finished soon!

  6. What a nice shower! We have had so little rain this summer that it is just crazy. I hear you about the snow shoveling being good exercise. xo Diana

  7. That will be so nice..We need that done bad. By the looks of it you did get a gully washer..We got some this week and really needed it..Hope they get it done before the rain again..Blessings

  8. A new driveway will be wonderful! Can't do much work on one of those in the rain, though.:) I hope this project will be completed for you soon.

  9. when i moved to florida i swore i would never lift another shovel of snow and i haven't. we had a driveway a block long in maryland and it was sure hard to shovel plus the snow plow would pile it up at the end of the driveway all day long. did i ever tell you how much i hate snow? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee