Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Depot...

This is the depot in Tipton. It's on the corner of Main street and Erie street.. There is always railroad activity going on around it. The rail yards are there also. Many years ago, there was a hotel across from it in this field. I only remember walking to school and going up the "cow path" . That was a little walkway of stones that ran along the tracks. The hotel was long gone before I was here. My sister lives near here and she hates the trains. When I lived in town , I lived right beside the tracks and I loved the trains. :):)


  1. My son used to go bananas for trains when he was little so I have a fondness for them.

  2. Susie, thanks for stopping by my blog today! I hope you come back again.

  3. I know the trains are noisey but I like them as well.
    You are so good to always leave such sweet comments.

  4. i love the trains too! if it is very quiet at night i can hear them, the whistles call to me!

    smiles, bee

  5. I lived in Tipton,California when I was a little girl. We lived about a mile from the train tracks, and I remember listening to the train late at night when all was still. I know your Tipton is a different town than where I lived, but it sounds a lot the same. It was a small town. Happy fall, Your, Mary

  6. Oh I love Depots and Trains.. We have a Depot in our town.. I remember the old Train that used to come through, blowing it's whistle at five in the morning..Great post..

  7. I have never lived close to the sound of a train. My neice lives very close and is so use to it that they don't bother her. I was just thinking the other day about how our little Utah county has changed so much! It is so busy now. Loved it when it was just a quiet little sleepy county.

  8. Hi Susie~
    Don't you just love trains?! they are so strong and massive. Maybe I should say, "Don't you respect trains?" Several years ago when we moved into our home, what we didn't realize was the sound of the trains at night - HOLY COW! Those first two nights were kind of iffy. Now, we like the sound of them!

  9. We live really close to trains and I do like hearing them... especially at night!