Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In The Park.....

 These pretty roses are in the rose garden in Tipton park. I love the big clusters of pinks roses.The orange salmon colored ones are not so bushy or tall, more like a carpet rose. The yellow daisy flower is growing wild on the creek banks.There's queen Anne's lace, and many other colors of wild flowers.

 The photo is of  an earthen walkway , it goes to the bridge that crosses the creek. Picnic pavilions and horseshoe pits are in the back ground. You can see a glimpse of the courthouse in the background also. Have fun today everyone. xo


  1. The park looks very pretty. My roses seem to be putting on another show now, as if they too want to hold on to summer for a little longer.

  2. The flowers in the park are so pretty. I loved to play horse shoes with daddy when I was a kid!

  3. The flowers in the park are beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful park, someone spends a lot of time tending those flowers !
    Love the stone wall...

  5. The park looks like a very refreshing place to spend some time!


  6. Love those roses. You have the prettiest town, Susie. It is just lovely- xo Diana