Friday, September 16, 2011

New Kids On The Block.......

These are the new neighbor kids. Emma has been feeding them some dried leaves. So they really talk to her . They are actually pygmy goats, the black one is male and the white one is female. So cute and funny.


  1. they are sooo cute! I wish I had neighbor kids like that :)

  2. sweet little furry things, hm? :o) hey thank you for your sweet words today on my blog. they sure helped me feel a bit better. :o) so nice to meet you.


  3. My girlfriend raises them. I just love them-especially the babies! Such cute pictures here- xo Diana

  4. Susie, I was sad to see you are having eye issues also. Hopefully, for both you & I , & all others that hve these issues, they will find solutions to impede or correct them. Best of luck with yours, sweet lady.

    Love the little pygmy's.

    Have a ovely weekend,
    TTFN ~