Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back To The Treasure Mart....

I love the way the pots and pans are displayed in this booth. My weakness is hand embroidered linens. To think how someone took the time to do them, makes me love them.


  1. Susie- I love those old linens, too. My gramma and mother made so many of those over the years. I remember one of those basket pattern ones like you are showing here. What fun! xo Diana

  2. Hi Susie, first I adore your blog name and I agree about the pots and linens. I have an enormous collection of linens. I spent part of yesterday repairing a lovely pair of old pillow cases that I will sell because I have too many to keep them all. Thanks bunches for visiting me. hugs♥Olive

  3. Hi Susie.. so glad you stopped by... Sandi and I have been blogger friends for quite some time now... She has a lovely blog... Will also add you on my list as I love making and having new friends...