Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here At Horton's......

This photo is from one of the open houses at Horton's in Tipton. D'Reyne is the decorator, she is awesome, and I rarely use that word. This Saturday , I am going to the Christmas open house with my sisters. I am truly excited about it. I feel like I did as a kid. My sisters and I will explore the store, and buy some goodies. Then we will go to lunch together. I have tried to have a "Sister Day" 3-4 times a year. This will be one of them. We usually meet at my house and have lunch, look at old photos, or yearbooks, then take a nice walk. If you have family, I hope you can spend time with them this coming Thanksgiving. If they have flaws, look past them, because we all are flawed, and we only have so long in life.

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  1. You got it, Susie- I try to overlook the flaws and enjoy the best parts. How wonderful to have sisters to be able to do this sort of thing! I only have one yonger brother that lives 1000 miles away! xo Diana