Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today At Horton's Christmas Open House...

Starting at the top, this is part of Rebecca Ersfeld's booth. She had so many beautiful things , and if you know her, you know she's a beauty herself. I got one of Donna Reyne's candles, burlap bags, the "joy" blocks,  gift tags and flavored cocoas. The linen rosette was a gift from Rebecca to me, how very kind. Donna gave me the cone ornament, as a gift also, this lady's  a sweetheart. The Hortons gave a 1/4 pound of fudge to everyone in line buying something. WOW. There was cookies, brownies, crackers and spreads, plus lemonade and warm cider for everyone in the store to enjoy. It felt like a party for friends. If you ever have a chance to attend any open house at Horton's , please go. You won't be sorry . You will meet the nicest people.  My only regret , was not getting to stay longer....but I'll go back this coming week and get a few more things. You can't see it all in one trip.:):)


  1. how did I miss you? sorry I didn't get to meet you. Are you going Dec,3 maybe I will see you then...I was a fun time


  2. Oh- What a lucky girl you are! I can't imagine the fun you had and all the things you saw. I don't blame you for going back. It sounds like you met some wonderful vendors! xo Diana