Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Received A Beautiful Gift....

Sandi of Wayside Treasures, sent me a wonderful gift. Totally unexpected, making it a surprise gift. I love it. handmade paper wrapped the box, a S(susie)  charm, a sweet hademade card also. Then the angel wing..so lovely. I will not pack it away after Christmas, but hang it where I can see it everyday. Thank you Sandi.xoxo


  1. Aww, Susie you are most welcome!! Glad you like them. I love making each one special!!

  2. Thanks for your visit and the sweet comment. What a wonderful Christmas blessing you've received!

  3. Hi Susie,

    Thank you for giving me your blogspot. Your comments on my blog come throught annonymously an I asked two Susies that I know if they were leaving comments. Cute blog you have here. I'm gonna follow! Have we met? You live so close. I'm sorry if we have an I don't remember. I'm turning into a menopausal idiot! Cindy Bee