Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Of Ted's Christmas Gifts.....

The salt and pepper grinders where what Ted made this year for gifts.I always get the first one (prototype) . He makes 12 of everything. The cutting board was last year ,and the serving tray two years ago. We usually work together on these gifts. I will draw up a design, he makes them, then I help stain them. We both  pay for the materials. This year was the most expensive year. Actually this year, I didn't get to do any of the work.  Some of you commented on woodworking, so I thought you might like seeing some of Ted's handy work. He does take pride in his work.


  1. How nice that he makes these beautiful things for gifts. I am sure they are treasured by those that are lucky enough to get them.

  2. WOW! He does a nice job. Those are not easy projects! It's nice that you can work together on projects. xo Diana

  3. Wow Ted is amazingly talented you are very lucky.I think the salt and pepper are especially challenging and gorgeous. B