Friday, November 16, 2012

Goodies From The Sale....

 I bought this jar at the church bazaar last Saturday. It has a mark on the bottom, not real clear in this photo. It says , ironstone china, J.&G. Weakin,Hanley England. No lid, it had one once, I am sure, because the rim is chipped. I will use it as a vase.
 I also bought these dollies, a book of children's stories,a small dish with a bird on it. The book copyrighted 1957,has Dicken's Christmas Carol ,Me and the Bears, John Paul Jones, David and Goliath, and a few more. The Christmas Carol,has illustrations by Everett Shinn. I love old books. xo


  1. the ironstone will make a great spot for a bouquet of fresh flowers!

  2. Love the little ironstone pitcher. Looks like you had a good time and found a couple of things- Hope you have a great Friday- xo Diana

  3. Church sales are my favorite! That "vase" would be cute w a little Christmas tree in it! Go to Horton's and look in the kitchen area at the tree in the aqua melmac cup. Cute!

    Cindy Bee

  4. wow you found some real treasures! The dish with the bird is lovely too!

  5. Nice finds, Susie! Have a good Friday!

    xo Nellie

  6. I really like the white jar, I am thinking it was a sugar bowl even if it's larger than sugar bowls we are use to here.

    whats great about finds like that , we can use them for anything

  7. Hi susie,
    I love the white ironstone jar! It will make a lovely vase. I can see it filled with beautiful rosees. I love old books too! I went to an estate sale today. Found some fun things. Among my treasures was three old books. One is a very cool cookbook.

  8. i had a bird dish similar to that one some years back. in the fall i'd put it out with some candy corn in it, looked like the bird was eating the "corn". very cute.

    hugs, bee

  9. Wish I could go shopping with you! Love the idea of flowers in that jug and the books and the doilies, you are my kind of gal! xx