Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Horton's Christmas Open House...

 These photos are last years. But there will be just as many lovely things this year at Horton's. My computer problems are not letting me post any new pictures. So until it's fixed, I'll have to use old photos. This Saturday is the open house. I am going. Think I'll go alone so I can really look.:):) I do have to get my daughter a gift, her birthday is soon.
  I have been enjoying everyone's decorations. I find it is one way I can have it all, by viewing all the great decors of  fellow bloggers. xo


  1. beautiful photos, I enjoy looking at everyones decorations, too, have a good time shopping!!

  2. I really wish that I could go to Hortons!

  3. Oh, it looks like such a neat place to shop!
    When is your daughter's b'day? My daughter's is Dec. 19.

  4. Oh, this looks so fun! I'd love it there. I am so sorry about your darn computer. I wish my hubby was close by. He'd be able to look at it for you. He has fixed mine many a time, even with a Diet Coke all over the key board. Hope you get that fixed soon!


  5. 'Twould not be good for me to get caught in Horton's! These pictures show just enough to let me know it would be very dangerous to my pocketbook!

    Hope those computer issues are solved soon.

    xo Nellie

  6. Those pictures from last year are lovely. What fun you will have taking your time and enjoying it all. Blessings to you- I got all the rest of my Christmas decorations up today-xo Diana