Monday, November 12, 2012

Treasures From The Bazaar...

 Here are 4 dolls that I bought. One for Emma, Savannah, niece Evie, and one for me. The church sold these dolls for  3-5 Dollars each. I bought these cute little bracelets. They are made with the stretch string. I will be giving my sisters one along with some key chains. I will be having sister day luncheon this coming Saturday. I usually have one each season...but this summer we never could get all together. xoxo


  1. Just saw your sweet comment, in "Berries And More" blog... What your girls used to sing, concerning Thanksgiving Day. I loved it.

    Told my husband, and he love it too.

    So I just had to come by, and tell you!


  2. The girls are going to love the dolls Susie.

  3. The dolls were very reasonably priced, I bet they will be pleased with them. It was a nice idea getting the bracelets for your sister day.