Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blooms For Spring....

I just placed my little pots of pansys in my container , I'll be planting them later. The neighbor's apricot tree is in full bloom. So pretty. I am planning a Sister Day Luncheon, next Saturday. I am hoping all my flowering trees will wait till my sisters visit.:):) I had a busy week , with cleaning the lawn of hickory nuts and hulls. Cut back all the flowering bushes. Teddy Bear even pulled out 3shrubs, I no longer wanted. All that work took two days, cause we are so out of shape. Then on Friday, I went to my daugher's house that she sold and helped her shampoo carpets. OMGeezoo, I am totally wore out today. So I am resting, well as soon as I get finished with laundry, cooking and cleaning up.....where is that maid  I dreamed of having when I retired??? Hope all of you can rest a bit today and just enjoy some sunshine.


  1. Sounds like you have been one busy lady. I hope you take pictures of the Spring luncheon to share! xo Diana

  2. Your foilage is way ahead of ours, but we are enjoying a rare early taste of spring.

    Sounds like someone should treat you to a massage after all that work!


  3. Yes we need pictures..same here, busy, busy..We are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather as well..I've been spreading mulch and other stuff and let the house work go,I'm wishing for a maid also..Susie