Friday, March 2, 2012

Robins Are Here.....

Robins are a true sign of Spring for me. Hope you can see this little fellow. I need a better zoom on my camera. We had some tornados warning in the two counties south of here.'s all sunshiny now . Hope tomorrow is nice, even though rain/snow mix may be in our future. Hope all of you  have a nice weekend.:):)


  1. That's the first sign of Spring for me too, Susie. The Robins, and Red winged Black Birds singing. It just warms my heart when I see the first Robin hopping around.

  2. I haven't seen any robins yet.....we usually see them in Feb. But then again, I haven't been out much. I did see a beautiful cardinal from my window this week.
    Are you still on the map. Those tornados were awful. Sure hope you are okay. So sad.

  3. No robins yet! I can hardly wait ...

    I hope you will pop by to help us bring 'angel love' for a young girl who is sick.

    Thank you.
    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~

  4. Hi Susie! I can't believe you have robins already. We now have 6" of snow (since about 3pm) and it is still snowing hard. I hope the robins aren't here yet or they will be sadly disappointed. xo Diana

  5. How wonderful! I am looking for birds here, but haven't seen any quite yet. I'm thinking in about a week or so.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. There is an open field just down the road from us. Each time I have passed it in the daylight for the past week-which with my schedule has been 3 or 4 times-I see dozens of robins in it. They are not a flock type of bird so it is a pretty cool sight.