Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello John Wayne....

Yes, even John goes to treasure mart. There were a lot of saddles and horse riding supplies. I think this may all be new things too. They sure looked new. I just have never seen this at the mart before. The John Wayne cutout was live sized.:):) Man stuff.


  1. Yep- I have been seeing more and more Western stuff, too. Must be part of the new fad..wonder if Sisters On The Fly had anything to do with that? Hope you have a great rest of the week-xo Diana

  2. Howdy!
    My eye has been wandering toward man stuff lately!

  3. Love J.W.! My dad was an extra in one of his last movies filmed in Seattle! He abandoned his inner cowboy to be a detective for the film.
    I plan to have more give a ways! I would love to wrap a package and write "for Susie" on it!
    Thanks for visiting!

    1. Lynn, You should post about your father's movie part some time. Smiles, Susie

  4. Bonjour Susie,
    Great post! Thank you for stopping by - love that your grandaughter wants a Paris room.A trip together would be fantastic, there's is so much here for kids too.
    I'm a new follower!

  5. Susie
    My DH would have liked the J.W. man!
    My son just bought him the original 'True Grit' and he thought it was the greatest. I think about the funnest thing in life to do is to go shopping with my daughter. So glad you got to spend time with her.

  6. It's always fun to see new things while out browsing the antiques and thrifts. I think you should have brought John home with you! LOL!


  7. Manly indeed. I go to a place that has a man cave and it has a rusty old clock I want but not for $100.