Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going Into Town......

 Took this shot through the windshield. I love when the street lamps are on in town. There is nothing very outstanding about our town, but I love it. My brother used to gripe about our town . I asked if he owned an atlas, he said yes, I told him to find himself a route out,if he hated it here so much. LOL. Yes, he still lives here.  No that's not him by the tree, it's one of my scarecrows, just hanging around. We went to Farmer's Market today, for the last time this year. I bought some white mini pumpkins and a book. We didn't sell anything today. I think only a 1/2 dozen people walked through the area. It was cold, didn't get as warm as the weatherman predicted. :):) Hope you day was fun.xo


  1. Your little town looks an awful lot like the little town I lived in with my husband for so many years Population 4700. I miss my home and friends.

  2. I live in a little city but it is really quite big. The thing that I love about it is that I run into people I know wherever I go. A good friend of mine moved to LA after college. He was amazed that weeks would go by and he would not run into anyone he knew! Your little town looks lovely.

  3. your town is lovely! i really should go to our farmer's market. really. i should. i don't have any excuse not to go.

    smiles, bee

  4. Your town has a nice, homey look to it. I'm not sure what you take to sell at the Farmer's Market, but sorry it wasn't a good day for selling.

    We're having a beautiful day here, almost like summer!

    xo Nellie

  5. Love the scarecrow
    Your town looks like a quaint little town, and I love the street lights casting a cozy glow !

  6. I think it's wonderful, Susie, that you love your town so much! I feel the same way! White mini pumpkins? How wonderful! I saw some white mini ones that had pink polka dots painted on them. They were cute.