Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sights Around Town....

 This pretty tree is near the courthouse parking lot. We were just sitting at the farmer's market and I decided to walk around, a few blocks, left Ted Bear is charge:):)I absolutely love our change of seasons. To be honest though, I am not looking forward to winter. The wind has been blowing since yesterday after noon and it's taking the beautiful leaves down from the trees.

Saw this cat walking up his drive. Just as I stopped to get his picture, he sat to pose. He was really a big healthy cat. Hope your Sunday is happy . xo


  1. bee-u-tee-ful!

    and windy? honey it's so windy here i can hardly stand up outside! i am NOT liking it either!

    smiles, bee

  2. cool and sorta windy here too this past week..
    so odd--here in NC, a at was walking up my neighbors drive way too~! we dont have cats around here and I havent seen one in this neighborhood for years, till this morning..
    maybe its a sign.

  3. It is very windy here today, in fact we are under a wind advisory for today.

    All lovely pictures and catching the kitty in one is precious.

  4. Beautiful shots, Susie! It's rainy and windy here, a lot of the leaves have fallen. Typical fall day!


  5. Enjoying your autumn leaves. Please get in touch with me. You are the winner of a coupon for Natural Bliss coffee creamer.

    1. Buttercup..You will have to email your email address for me to send you my street address...I know it's me,,as I am not that smart on this blog...but when i check your profile, I can not find an email address. thanks xoxo, Susie

  6. Lovely pictures from around town, Susie. Cats are so independent. Had it known you wanted it to pose, it wouldn't have cooperated.:)

  7. Oh, i love these photos! Your trees are sooooo beautiful! I love the changing of the colors, but like you I'm not looking forward to winter!


  8. Haven't we had a gorgeous fall? Love it!

  9. Hi Susie, I came to visit by way of Tot's
    Beautiful tree indeed, and so wish we had a longer season of fall.
    That cat must have felt famous :)
    Keep inspiring what inspires you.


  10. What a beautiful way to spend the day!


  11. Wind kicked up here today and had the same thought - oh the leaves will be blown off before I get pics! Love seeing yours.