Friday, August 3, 2012

Gardeners Will You Help Me ????

This is what my mums look like ...sad,sad,sad !  Am I watering them too much? Or not enough? We try to water at least every other day. I will say that the soil around this house is a lot of clay. We use miracle grow  at least one a week. I would appreciate any help from any blog gardeners. Signing off as, old and still learning :):):)


  1. not me honey, i grew an african violet but actually it grew itself. brown thumbs here...

    hugs, bee

  2. They need divided mom. give me some. ha ha

  3. Oh-I don't know a darned thing about them! Good luck- xo Diana

  4. well the fertilizer must be right or you wouldn't have blooms, just leaves but your daughter may be right, they may need to be divided, they may need more air circulating around them, then you could work the soil a bit and maybe ad some compost to soften up the clay, they are pretty though!

  5. I'm just guessing based
    on mums I've had in the
    past, but I'd say they look
    like mine did when I didn't
    water them enough.....

    And be sure to clip the dried
    up blooms. This sends a
    hormone to the plant that
    will get it to send out new
    growth ~ maybe more flowers?

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  6. you have lots of flowers...I cut mine early in the year this yr because they got too big....we'll see what happens..they do not even have blooms and all the others are flowering...
    good luck!!

  7. Dead head them Susie. That helps them re-bloom. You know I confess to never fertilizing a thing.

  8. Susie..I'm not sure but they are right you do need to dead head them....that will help them produce more blooms.

    Good luck,

  9. I'm glad you got some advice, because I couldn't give you any!! You have mums already?! How wonderful! I'm looking forward to fall when we have them - I'm ready to be out of the 100+ heat.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Susie!

  10. WEll, I am not sure, but I think they look better than some of my garden spots!!!!