Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saint John the Divine....

 This is the Cathedral Chucrh of St. John the Divine. It's at 1047 Amsterdam avenue/112th st. NYC. It is hugh  and old. Such beautiful stone work, inside and out. Full of statues, and carvings.built in 1892. The year Ellis island opened. It is chartered as as a house of prayer for all people and unifying center of intellectual light and leadership. Many faiths worship together in services held 30 times a week. but there was no services going on when we toured the church.
 This beautiful rosette is the 4th largest in America. I do not know where the other three could be.
I am always amazed at the stone carvings of churches. Well old buildings in general. I know there are wonderfully talented people in the world, but I don't know any stone carvers. While we were at the NBC studios, we also walked to Saint Patrick's Cathedral. It was under some construction. Lots of scaffolds in NYC.


  1. Wow...beautiful.
    I bet one of those rosettes is in Charleston, SC. Don't know...just guessing.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Gorgeous Susie. On my blog roll I follow a stone carver in Bath, England. Tom Stephenson is his name and the name of his blog. He is quite the character, talented, well written, and can be offensive. However I like him a lot. I have always like grouchy men for some reason but Thank God I did not marry one.

  3. So very impressive.

  4. I have been enjoying your trip photos and your stories each day.
    This church is beautiful.
    Has anyone else in your group lost money on a rickshaw ride? That was a funny story, but not for those poor ladies. It will be a memory though.
    Keep having fun! Connie :)

  5. wow, thats amazing!

  6. What an amazing piece of work! Were you at Rockefeller Center? That is where I went for schooling. Blessings xo Diana