Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wednesday , Was At The Empire State Building....

This is not good photography, it's photos on the run. It rained as we were getting ready to go in the building. You can see forever on the observatory. But it was raining and things became foggy. Now I will tell you going to the observatory gives new meaning to-- packed like sardines. There is not a lot of room up there and people can be rude. Maybe not intentionally, but they should look, then let others get a chance. But I did get a photo of the Chrysler building. Then Ted took a photo of me and I do not know how to turn then . :(:( Oh did I tell you , no one speaks English in NYC?  No one lives there either, it;s all tourists. LOL, just kidding. I love my time there and would love to go back. Maybe in spring or autumn. Oh by the way, once you get to the observatory, it's another 17 dollars to go to the very tip top.


  1. Somewhere I have a picture of me up there!

  2. OH, you made me think of one of my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle.
    The photos are great.

  3. Nice photos. It's an amazing city, isn't it...but I sure wouldn't want to live there. I went to school back in the 1970's. xo Diana

  4. well it sounds like you had a lovely time even if you had to deal with rude people! We were packed like sardines in the sistene chapel in Rome, but we didn't have to pay twice!!! And the Italians were nice!

    Cindy Bee