Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Tools....

Here are my tools of the season.  Big snow shovel and beat up old broom. I have not had to use them for a while. Happy about that. I see where the northeast is digging out...they will be digging for some time. So sad they have been having such weather woes for so long. Last night, on the news , they have lost power in places already. That would be the worse thing, what could you do, you can't get out to go anywhere....and where would you go? We are having sunshine once again . that is 4 days this week.
   Ted Bear and I went to breakfast with some of our old co-workers. I was the only female there. I tell them bring your wives. I used to work with all these fellows.  Some were and are gentlemen ...some , well just not so nice at times. Some have changed, since work isn't involved. Some have changed because they are older now. But all in all , it was a fun get together. Monday I'll be meeting up with my classmates for brunch. Sounds like I am busy. I have to say though, just getting out and being with others is helping with my winter blues. :):)


  1. Yes, in the NE, we have need of shovels and brooms.

    This "getting out," is a wonderful antidote for your "Cabin Fever," of this time of year!


  2. Have fun with your classmates. Old friends are awesome!

  3. I think I prefer breakfast or lunch out rather than going out at night now. By night I want to put on pjs early! Yes, fight the winter blues!

  4. Getting out does help with the winter blues, Susie! Even for some fresh air once or twice a day. I made a quick trip to the bank and Walgreens today and feel a little more refreshed just getting out in the cold.

    It look like the goose on your porch is in a "time out"!!!


  5. It does sound like you are having fun, Susie. xo Nellie