Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trinket Boxes.....

 This is the dresser trinket box Ted made me for my birthday gift.  He also made me a little box to put needles in. He made some extra needle boxes,to put in the flea market this Spring.
I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. I just had the best birthday, milked it for 3-4 days. LOL My sister took me to lunch yesterday. She read lots of facebook wishes to me. I felt so special:):) xo
Now reality is setting in ...and it's off to the union hall to see about my medical insurance, dental and visual also. Words of warning to anyone thinking of's a ton of paperwork, for the rest of your life. I will count my blessings though, good to retire and good to have some insurance. Take care of your health, it's your best asset. xo


  1. Happy late birthday. What a beautiful box :)

  2. The trinket and needle boxes are gorgeous. Very special treasures for sure!

  3. The boxes are beautiful. Great job by your husband!

  4. ♫♫♫Happy Birthday♫♫♫

    You Teddy is bursting with talent. Can he make dough bowls?

  5. Oh Susie...sorry this is late...but HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎶 Sounds like you had an amazing birthday! I love your gift...your husband is so gifted!! Even the needle containers are so unique..I don't think you'll have any trouble selling them! 😉


  6. Oh, your wooden box is gorgeous and so is the needle box. He is quite talented! I'm so glad you had a special day...or 2 or 3! That's the way I like my birthdays! Start early and keep celebrating! Hugs!

  7. Just couldn't get it all to work in time to wish you a happy birthday yesterday, Susie! Ted is very talented, and you have some lovely examples of his handiwork! We've been retired ten years! Love it!
    Hugs, Nellie

  8. Happy belated Birthday Susie! You only milked it for three to four days. My Sister and I have gone on for the entire month! Try a little harder next year , okay?
    You know what? Life is full of paperwork, retired or not. That man of yours is quite the craftsman!

    Cindy Bee