Sunday, April 29, 2012

Courthouse In Tipton....

Here is a shot of the courthouse. I was standing in front of our library. I love that old courthouse. The city big-wigs are saying it needs some roof repair. I thought that was done not so many years ago....the roof is slate. I know the clock tower got new clock faces about 2 years ago. Up keep is very important and costly.  Hope everyone has a beautiful day. xo


  1. That is a lovely building. Often with these old buildings there is a never-ending cycle of repair, but they are worth the cost and effort.

  2. What a beautiful old building. Our courthouse has a copper roof which was restored and then sealed a few years ago. You can see it from all the bridges in Green Bay- Happy Sunday, Susie~ xo Diana

  3. What a grand, old building. Wishing you a very nice week.