Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Painting...

Emma has her crafting attire on, big t-shirt:):) Here's some things she painted on Sunday afternoon. She said she needed a sign for her treehouse. She used Saturday's tuna fish can from lunch,for a food dish for her guinea pig.(Vinnie van Gogh) Emma is in love with the aqua colored paint.She finished up a paint by number she started on Saturday. Plus those flat wooden items from hobby-lobby. They have small markers with them. We had a very fun time, but I am wore out. LOL  She also made a hop scotch that numbered to 150 in the driveway.:):) Seriously 150 squares, she wanted to hop scotch to the next county.:):)


  1. she's quite the little artist! i only had hopscotch to 12!

    smiles, bee

  2. My granddaughter always thinks that we have to do a craft when she comes. Even when it's an emergency pickup, hah.
    That's alot of wonder you are tired, hah.

  3. I love how much she likes to do crafts. My grands do, too. Their other grandmother is a true artist so they always paint when they go there to visit.

    How many times did YOU do Hopscotch with her?;>) xo Diana

  4. She is sweet...I know you will not let her get to the next county.

  5. Hi Susie, I loved your comment! Lol...I will probably end up replacing the real ivy with fake soon. We will see how long I can keep it Kristen

  6. Did you hopscotch too? :-) I can imagine me trying to do 150! She is adorable. Love that she's interested in crafts and painting...I believe she has some real talent.