Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting My Paint Brush Out....

Looks like the bell and post need a coat of color. I put out a new small garden flag. I love the rooster on it. I can hear the neighbor's rooster. He's a quarter of a mile away. I would love to have some chickens.....but the neighbor next door has 10 cats.  The family down the road has a lot of cats also.I have not counted all of them, but one day there was a cat sitting on each section of the porch banister, that would be 6. I have one spoiled house cat. She has cat-a-tude plus. :):)  She would be harmless to anything outside.


  1. Love your sweet rooster banner. My daughter and her family have chickens, but fortunately no roaming cats. :)

  2. Good Morning Susie! I love the bell and the rooster flag. My husband has a couple of dinner bells that we have to paint frequently. We have 3 indoor cats.
    Hope you enjoy the day!

    1. Love your flag. Our area is restricted to three cats and/or three dogs per household and no outside "critters". I used to love to hear the rooster crowing when I was a kid growing up on the farm. xo Diana

  3. i have always loved anything with a chicken on it and so did my mom. in fact she had a hutch she called the "hen house" and it was full of chicken stuff. i kept a few of them when she died.

    smiles, bee

  4. My old kitty does not even bother all the birds we feed. He is so well fed and spoiled I think he thinks we provide the birds FOR HIM to watch.

  5. did I tell you the neighbor man has been letting his chickens roam in our woods. they have been in the yard too...near the fire pit. did I tell you I have been having chicken every night for a week. ha ha

  6. It is a cute flag!
    No cats here, except the bobcat who came to visit!

  7. Cute, cute flag! I'd say that's too many cats...just my personal opinion. Can't imagine having 6-10 but then I'm not really a cat person either. Just seems like it's not fair to the neighbors.