Friday, April 20, 2012

Long Walk....

Two of my sisters and I , took a long walk yesterday.  We walked to the post office, the library and then the park. The top photo is the entrance to the park. There is a walk path around the park, two times around is a mile. The second photo is a squirrel, sitting on a bench . That bench is in honor of my brother and his wife. There is a lot of work going on in the park , new play ground equipment , mulch, and tree trimming. We were too wore out from our walk to play after we got there. LOL.  Yikes, my ankles were hurting once I got back home. Today will be chores in the house and letter writing this afternoon on the porch....unless it rains. Ladies, do you have maid service? or are you the household maid??


  1. you know i have a cleaning service AND a maid. sigh. i can't let her go, she is 78 and needs the job but does not clean worth a dang but i love her... she's been with me so many years i can't imagine not having her around.

    smiles, bee

  2. A little of both for cleaning ... when I need help I have 2 gals that help. None of them clean like I do & I wind up going back after they re done ... so not worth the effort, I guess.

    Love the park ... looks like a great walk.

    Have a great weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  3. So pretty and peaceful Susie. Have a great weekend

  4. What a beautiful place to walk...nd I a so happy you have sisters to walk it with you. That bench in their honor is wonderful.

    No maid here- just me...a handmaiden in the big picture of life! xo Diana

  5. It seems my job is always picking up! It sounds like you had a wonderful, memorable time -dust comes and goes - do enjoy your weekend and relax...

  6. Walking is such a peaceful way to visit. I am a pre-k teacher and in my late 50's and when I come home I want to relax About 5 years ago I decided I did not want to spend my weekend cleaning hardwood floors so we have a wonderful lady come and do bathrooms and floors. It helps her and she helps us.

  7. I wish I would have had a sister. Nice that you can spend time together.
    I am the cleaning lady. It gets done when it gets done, hah. I keep the main living areas clean most of the time.......wish I did have someone to do it. Years ago I did and it was wonderful to come home and your whole house was clean.

  8. Lovely place to share a walk with family. I am maid here! I can handle everything pretty well, but I do hate mopping!

  9. Oh, the park looks so elegant! Don't you love to walk?! (as long as you don't get sore ankles, that is). I take my dogs walking or rather I should say "they take me." I am the maid, but I don't come to clean very often. =0)

  10. looks like a beautiful park for a walk:) I have a maid. She only comes about once/month but having her give the house a good cleaning 1/mth is totally worth the money.