Thursday, April 5, 2012

He was our favorite photographer.....

A beautiful man named Russ had his photography studio in the house. He has passed on. He died way too young. I think of how kind he was, a gentleman. He would do senior class photos for many years. When I first noticed him , I would see his photography at the state fair. Our family has had many a photo taken in his studio. Also outdoor settings.  I drive by his old studio everytime I go to my sister's house. Love this little weeping cherry tree. Think of some one you admire today. Maybe let them know.:):):)


  1. That is a nice tribute to a man that influenced your life. It is important to let those we care for know that! xo Diana

  2. Hey I knew Russ. Only I called them Mr. & Mrs. (last name) She was my teacher in high school for several classes. ANd when she was pregnant for her first child, and she'd be off sick, I'd take over her classes for her, as a Senior in High School! True Story. Do you know if she still lives in town?

    Cindy Bee